Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Dean Roberts

Managing Director
People call me: Deano
Hobbies: Vintage cars – I own 2 Model A’s
Passions: Family
Best holiday destination: Any holiday I take with Jenni
Favourite food: Beef and Guinness pie
Favourite Vision Safe product: The ACOT500 Rotating Beacon


Jennifer Roberts

Accounts Manager
People call me: Jenni
Hobbies: Patchwork, Appliqué and Gardening
Passions: Husband, Family, Grandchildren
Favourite quote: It is what it is
Best holiday destination: Highlands, Texas to visit our American Family
Favourite joke: Q: Why are frogs so happy? A: They eat whatever bugs them!
Favourite Vision Safe product: Glove Guard


Kimberley Roberts

General Manager, Product Photographer
Hobbies: What?! You mean people have time for hobbies…
Passions: Photography and Wildlife
Favourite quote: “Life is like a camera, focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out just take another shot.”
Favourite Food Chocolate
Favourite Vision Safe product: GlowBug


Alicia Rowley

Marketing Manager
Hobbies: Reading, camping, drinking large amounts of coffee
Passions: My daughter Amelia (hence the coffee)
Best holiday destination and why: A 5 star resort somewhere isolated
Favourite food: Roast lamb with ALL the trimmings
Favourite Vision Safe product: Thermal Stainless Steel Drink Bottle – ideal for all seasons


Terry McDonald

National Sales Manager
Phone: 0420 991 356
Hobbies: Family, Motorcycles, Guitar, Building things
Passions: Family, friends, good wine and my motorcycle (not necessarily in that order!)
Best holiday destination: Anywhere as long as my wife is with me
Favourite food Anything from the BBQ.
Favourite Vision Safe product: Foxfire


Tony Turner

Account Manager SE QLD / Northern NSW
Phone: 0488 913 848
Hobbies: Gardening, fishing, spending time with the family
Favourite Quote: “You will always get what you’ve got if you always do what you’ve always done”
Favourite Vision Safe product: National Workplace Kits – such a simple idea to reduce the “brain fog” when clear and simple is needed


Steve Bertram

Account Manager VIC/SA
Phone: 0417 499 970
Hobbies: Golf, Fishing, Anything outdoors
Passions: Caravanning with family
Favourite Quote: ”Always look on the bright side of life” – Monty Python The Meaning of Life
Best holiday destination: New York, LA (Disneyland – I was a big kid again)
Favourite Vision Safe product: LED Flexible Pole Mount Beacon

Natasha Christensen

Natasha Christensen

Internal Sales and Customer Relations
People call me: Tash
Hobbies: Camping, motorbike riding and fishing
Passions: Animals and food
Best holiday destination: I would love to go to one of the Maldives 5 star resorts
Favourite food: Anything with salted caramel or cookies and cream
Favourite Vision Safe product: Derma Guard


Andrew Rowley

Hobbies: Fishing, Camping, 4WDing, Fixing my boat.
Best holiday destination: Bremer Bay. Why? On a good day, I can have a 5km beach all to myself.
Favourite quote: “Alea iacta est” – Julius Caesar 49BC
Favourite Vision Safe product: Polarised Darters. Good for ocean fish spotting.


Donald Page

People call me: Don
Hobbies: Football, Watching the Eagles, Cricket
Best holiday destination: Kununurra
Favourite Vision Safe product: Bottlechock


Kirstin Ducie

People call me:
Hobbies: Seeing friends and family, exploring
Passions: Music
Best holiday destination: Melbourne
Favourite food: All of it
Favourite Vision Safe product: Lip Balm


Jess Smith

NH Factory Manager
People call me: Jess
Passions: Family, friends and pets
Favourite quote:
“Where there is cake, there’s hope. And there is always cake” Dean Koontz
Best holiday destination:
Anywhere coastal, sunny and quiet
Favourite food: 
Anything chocolate
Favourite Vision Safe product:
Flinders Hat


Sandra Talle

Newcastle Hats Production
People call me: Tal
Sewing, helping my friends, reading
Passions: Grandkids
Best holiday destination: Melbourne, best shopping
Favourite joke: Husband
Favourite Vision Safe product: Roughrider


Robyn Fassom

Marketing (Graphic Design)
People call me: Robbo
Hobbies: Painting – usually abstract, sometimes landscapes and portraits
Best holiday destination: Barcelona – beautiful ocean views, awesome art and architecture, friendly people, delicious food!
Favourite quote: “Nothing will work unless you do” Maya Angelou
Favourite Vision Safe product: Clip On LEDs


Winston Fowler

Product testing. I’ll test anything!
People call me:
Hobbies: Chasing Magpies, sun baking and whining.
Passions: Pointing, I’ll point at a bird I’ll point at a cat, I’ll point at anything that moves.
Favourite joke: Q. Why do dogs run in circles? A. Because it’s hard to run in squares!
Favourite Vision Safe product: VISIONSafe Headlamp. Adventure, here I come!


Reco Roberts

Loyal Guard Dog
People call me:
Claim to fame: Guarding against postmen since 2003
Hobbies: Cleaning, when I’m not watching for the postie I love a good clean
Favourite food: I’m not fussy, I’ll have what you’re having
Favourite Vision Safe product: Kool Tie It will keep you cool all summer.