Australian Made Bottlechock Cylinder Restraints by VISIONSafe

Australian Designed and Manufactured

Designed and manufactured locally from start to finish, all of the major components of the Bottlechock range, including brackets, pins, strap and the Bottlechock itself, are made in Perth, Western Australia.

The components are then assembled by VISIONSafe’s staff in our warehouse, as per your order and shipped directly to you!

Snap it into place and go!

Designed to be flexible in design, it is easy to ‘snap’ cylinders into place. There is no need to lift the cylinders, which helps prevent injury and with one pull on the straps – cylinder change over is a breeze!

Tough as nails for the Aussie outback!

VISIONSafe’s Bottlechocks are designed with robustness in mind! The chock is made from flexible and hardwearing nylon material, making the chock combustion resistant and self-extinguishing. The chock material is UV stabilised during manufacture to be long-lasting and durable, in our harsh Australian climate.

Bottlechocks come with a 2-YEAR WARRANTY for your peace of mind!

Indoor, Outdoor – even your Ute or boat!

Metal components of the Bottlechock kit are manufactured from stainless steel, with the wall mounting brackets available in either galvanised or 316 stainless steel. 316 stainless steel’s improved corrosion resistance makes it ideal for marine and specialty applications. This also allows the Australian Made Bottlechock to be used indoors and outdoors, easy to install inside or outside buildings, or to vehicle trays and boats.

Wide range of sizes!

Available in a large range of sizes to suit a diverse array of cylinder quantities and sizes, Bottlechock has a product option to suit almost any cylinder storage requirements. There are specialised Oxygen/Acetylene kits available in two sizes and in galvanised and 316 stainless steel. Each kit comes includes both top and bottom fittings.



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