Australian-Made PPE Gear: Safety & Quality over Price Tag

More than ever before, safety in the workplace, including PPE gear, is paramount for almost every business, ensuring that both your staff, contractors and customers are operating in a safe environment at all times. 

So, while buying cheaper products may be enticing, choosing a reliable brand will not only guarantee you peace of mind but ensure the longevity of your product usage.

Australian-made products continue to prove far more reliable than less expensive products sourced overseas. Having a product manufactured on Australian soil significantly reduces transport time ensuring you’ll have your products when you need them.

VISIONSafe meets all applicable safety standards for ALL products to assure that all merchandise is of high quality.

Australian-Made Products: VISIONSafe

VISIONSafe is a proud manufacturer of Australian-made PPE gear products in Perth, hand-selecting all industrial and lifestyle goods that are guaranteed to live up to the intended purpose.

Below is a list of popular Australian-Made items available at VISIONSafe.

VISIONSAFE - Australian-Made PPE Gear Wholesaler
Australian-Made PPE Gear - Canning Hat
Australian-Made PPE Gear - Durack Hat in Brown by Newcastle Hats
Australian-Made PPE Gear - Nullarbor Hat in Navy Blue by Newcastle Hats
Nullarbor Micro Mesh Hat Hi Vis Yellow Bottle Green Australian-Made PPE Gear by Newcastle Hats
Paterson Hat Aniseed Australian-Made PPE Gear by Newcastle Hats
Isa Breeze Hat Jade Australian-Made PPE Gear by Newcastle Hats
Flinders Hat Midnight Australian-Made PPE Gear by Newcastle Hats

Newcastle Hats

Newcastle Hats are functional hats carefully constructed using only the finest materials, to withstand the toughest conditions of our Australian climate.

These Australian-made hats are designed to cater to the specific demands of their consumers.

Customised Product Range

Newcastle Hats customise a range of products, tailored for the diverse needs of our customers. Ranging from lifting bags, machinery and equipment covers, satchels, duffle bags, boot covers, belts, carry bags, just to name a few.

The materials used for making these bags are based on their intended purposes, such as canvas, oilskin, heavy-duty cotton drill, suede, micromesh, leather, and fire-retardant fabrics.

Custom Bags Australian-Made PPE Gear by Newcastle Hats
Custom Bag Australian-Made by Newcastle Hats
Custom Bag Australian-Made Newcastle Hats
Bottlechock Oxygen Acetylene
Bottlechock Laboratory Bench Cylinder Clamp Australian-Made
Bottlechock Fire Extinguisher Bracket Australian-Made

Bottlechock Cylinder Restaints

These are designed for the security of gas cylinders, oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers, oil drums and among others. It can hold both vertical and horizontal movements and all the non-metal materials used are self-extinguishing and combustion resistant.

The Oxy/Acetylene Bottlechock Kit also shares the same features with cylinder restraints but specially made for oxygen and acetylene combination.


Bottlechock Trolleys have a unique and versatile design with built-in cylinder restraints for easy manual movements. The Fire Extinguisher Bracket, on the other hand, provides storage and easy access of your fire extinguisher. It is designed with quick-release fasteners and can absorb shock and vibrations to cater to both industrial and lifestyle use.

Lastly, the Laboratory Bench Cylinder Clamp is a convenient tool used at laboratories, workshops and spaces with bench set-up. It is constructed with robust materials to fully secure cylinders while allowing an easy release and relocation system.

Bottlechock Easy Roll Trolley Large Hi-Vis Yellow
Australian-Made PPE Gear - Bottlechock Trolley
Custom Bag Australian-Made Newcastle Hats

At VISIONSafe we value safety and functionality and off our valued customers the highest quality products and best value for money.

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Love Local

Not only do VISIONSafe produce a range of Australian-made PPE gear products, we are also 100% Australian owned and support our local suppliers and communities…. We proudly employ local people, supporting the Australian economy.

Australian-Made PPE Gear