The Ear Kaddy Strap – ideal for easing the discomfort of face masks

Introducing the latest innovation from the team at Glove Guard in the United States – the Ear Kaddy Strap. Designed to relieve pain and discomfort around the ears caused by continued use of a face mask, the Ear Kaddy is sure to become your new go-to accessory. It is a lightweight and comfortable design that secures your face mask around the back of your neck instead of hooking the elastic over your ears.

The design uses 5 sets of hooks with a cut to fit approach that makes the Ear Kaddy a one size fits all solution. Simply secure the elastic of your face mask over your choice of hook or hooks for the most comfortable fit.

The plastic construction makes the strap reusable and easy to clean with disinfectant. It is also available in metal detectable if required.

Ideal for use in oil and gas applications, food industries, me

dical and health facilities, manufacturing plants, and general every day use.

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