Everyday PPE for the Australian Lifestyle

Have you ever thought about the PPE you use outside of work? When was the last time you checked the UV rating of your sunglasses or the batteries of your portable emergency lights in your car? Maintaining your everyday personal protective equipment keeps you safe in Australian conditions. Whether adventuring across the Australian landscape, fishing with the family on the weekend, or working on your DIY projects at home, having good equipment is an essential part of the Australian lifestyle. 

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced Australians can fall victim to a mishap if they aren’t using the right PPE. Equipment standards are important, and not all personal protective equipment on the market is up for the challenge of Australian conditions. Australian made PPE products are the best choice for the Australian lifestyle, which is why we supply these top-selling products.

Blackmax U44 – The Best Tough Sunglasses for Australian Outdoor Activities

Some might say that Australians belong outdoors. Whether working in the backyard or adventuring around the country, Australians are outside till the sun goes down. Here at VISIONSafe, we’re outdoor lovers too, which is why we designed the rugged and robust Blackmax U44 Sunglasses. 

The Blackmax U44 are a bold pair of sunglasses that will become your daily pair of sunnies with its comfortable frame and UV protection lenses. These sunglasses have a range of features tailored for the Australian lifestyle like scratch-resistant lenses, anti-fog treatment, medium impact shatterproof lenses, a tough and flexible frame that wraps around your peripheral, soft temple ends, and a slip-resistant nose bridge. The Blackmax U44 will protect your eyes from sun, sand, shards, and anything your adventures could throw at them.

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Canning Breeze Hat – An Australian Hat for Fishing, Camping, Driving, and Working Outdoors

There’s no going past a Newcastle Hat when it comes to lifestyle PPE. As an Australian-owned and Australian-made company, Newcastle Hats are the best equipped to design hats for the Australian lifestyle. At VISIONSafe, our favourite all-rounder Newcastle Hats model for personal PPE has to be the Canning Breeze Hat. 

The Canning Breeze Hat is water-resistant for your outdoor adventures in any weather. It’s lightweight and breathable to keep you cool and reduce sweat while out in the heat of the day. Plus, it has a wide brim to protect your face, ears, and neck from the sun and brimlock edging to ensure it never frays. Like with all Newcastle Hats, the Canning Breeze Hat is made with the highest quality materials: premium, durable UPF 50+ canvas with a soft feel finish, an absorbent brow lining to keep sweat off the face, and a tear-resistant premium mesh gusset to let the breeze through.

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Portable LED Beacon – A Safety Light for Car Breakdown and Low-light Situations across Australia

A whopping 92% of Australian households own a car (or two), which we also use to enjoy our lives outside of work. After all, the best camping, fishing, hiking, and surfing spots in Australia usually require a car to reach. Australia’s reliance on driving means we have to consider what PPE we want to equip our vehicles with for emergencies. One of the best investments adventuring Australian drivers can make is purchasing a Portable LED Beacon to warn other vehicles that they are stopped on the road. 

Visibility equipment reduces the risk of being hit while stopped on the side of the road. Whether you’ve stopped to change a tire, secure a wobbly load on the roof, re-do your kid’s seatbelt or dig out your car’s bogged wheels – other drivers need to know you’ve stopped on the road. VISIONSafe’s Portable LED Beacon is designed for this exact situation. It’s compact for easy storage, uses super bright LEDs, has a magnetic base, and operates on simple D batteries. The Portable LED Beacon is highly visible during the day and night and helps keep you safe on the Australian roads.

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Explora Cap – A Reflective Sunsafe Helmet Cover to Protect Kids and Adults While Cycling

Cycling is an Australian activity for all ages and lifestyles. With our long coastlines, beautiful parks, and adventurous bush tracks, Australia has a lot to offer those who love two-wheels. Personal safety is a high priority while cycling, and the variety of accessories available online is enormous. If you’re looking for simple PPE solutions to increase your cycling enjoyment and safety, then the Explora Cap is an affordable choice. 

UVeto Australia designed the Explora Cap to protect children and adults from the weather and increase their visibility around cars. The Explora Cap works by securely fitting over the top of your helmet, the most important cycling PPE, to provide an extended brim, a lightweight neck flap, a UPF 50+ shield for the top of the head, and a highly visible reflective colour to alert motorists. The Explora Cap is made of high-grade materials and is machine washable with the rest of your cycling gear. Use the Explora Cap as Australian PPE for yourself or your children.

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Gripguard Gloves – Gloves for Better Grip in Cold, Wet, Slippery Conditions

The Australian outdoors is a harsh place. Slippery conditions can be found everywhere in cold and hot weather, from early morning hiking rails to fish on the hook at the beach to sweaty tool handles in the shed. We stock Guardsman Gripguard Gloves for these exact situations that everyday Australian’s encounter. 

Gripguard Gloves are designed to increase your grip so you can work safer and easier in all conditions. The non-slip grip pattern covers the whole palm and features finger-tip grip pads for delicate work when you’re using equipment like nails, hooks and bait, tent pegs, or tie-downs. Guardsman’s Gripguard Gloves are made of high-quality material to be durable, washable, comfortable and feature a velcro cuff closure to keep the gloves secure around your wrist. They easily fit your pocket, tool belt, glove box, or your tackle bag.

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Fog-Off Stick – Stop Fog Building Up in Goggles and Masks

Are you tired of dealing with foggy lenses? Having your vision obscured by fog isn’t just frustrating – it can be dangerous. Many Australians use lenses in their everyday lifestyles, from prescription glasses to safety glasses, sunglasses, goggles, snorkeling masks, and more. Running into foggy lenses is avoidable with a simple PPE solution: the Fog-Off Stick. 

This simple solution is easy to apply to any lens and will keep you from having to wipe away fog while you’re trying to enjoy your day. The Fog-Off Stick leaves no visible residue and comes with a cleaning cloth to use at the end of the day before you put your lenses away. It’s affordable and practical for Australian conditions.

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Compact First Aid Kit – A Small First Aid Kit to Keep in Your Backpack or Glovebox

Accidents happen, and when they do, it’s best to be prepared. That’s where the Compact First Aid Kit comes in to help you deal with everyday emergencies. The Compact First Aid Kit is perfect for the Australian lifestyle because it is designed for Australian medical standards and environmental conditions. 

The Compact First Aid Kit has all the essentials and is encased in a tough nylon pouch to handle most outdoor activities and weather. Whether you’re walking, camping, or just out and about, this little kit has your back. It has a helpful belt loop, sturdy zip closure, and is compact enough to fit in your backpack or glove box. A nifty, Compact First Aid Kit is just what you need to round out your lifestyle PPE checklist.

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