Introducing the Rechargeable PI-LIT Sequential Flare!

Now featuring rechargeable batteries, the PI-LIT Sequential Flare is an innovative, class leading addition to VISIONSafe’s range of roadside safety lighting. The smart LED flare incorporates a radio-linked network to automatically sequence the flash pattern across the set of flares. The flares activate and synchronise automatically when removed from the charging dock and begin to visually warn drivers of activity ahead, and direct them away. They are built for the toughest of environments and can be dropped or driven over, and are suitable for use in the rain and snowy conditions with an IP65 rating.

The super bright 360 degree viewing angle makes these flares an essential safety tool in any emergency traffic situation.  The PI-LIT Sequential Flare are available in sets of 4, 6 or 10 and comes complete with a carry case that doubles as a charging station and will run for approximately 24-30 hours of continuous use.

There is no limit to the number of flares that can be synchronised in a string. You can even run up to 5 separate strings using different radio frequencies – the kits default frequency is set to Yellow, but Blue, Green, Orange and Beige can also be ordered.