What are the Top PPE Products Used in the Australian Mining Industry?

Over the last several decades in Australia, the mining industry has significantly evolved, incorporating new technology, procedures, and PPE for Mining, enhancing safety and efficiency. This has helped to reduce the rate of workplace accidents that result in injury. However, working in the mining industry is still high-risk work, and there is a risk of injury at all levels of operation and logistics. Which is why PPE plays an important role in maintaining the best safety practices in the industry.

In Australia, businesses must put measures in place to reduce the risk of workplace injury, and these measures include PPE as a last-line defence for workers. Personal Protective Equipment being used in the workplace should adhere to rigorous manufacturing standards and be cared for with maintenance (or replacement) to ensure it remains in good working order. 

Many mining industry players in Australia purchase PPE from fellow Australian manufacturers and suppliers to guarantee that their worker’s PPE is up to standard. Some of the top products of PPE for mining industry used in the Australia are so popular because they are relevant to multiple levels of operation and logistics.

Top Five Personal Protective Equipment for the Mining Sector:

Ear Plugs Uncorded Ear Plugs

In Australia, hearing protection is taken seriously; everyone is aware that noise injury can cause permanent hearing damage. Subsequently, all good quality hearing PPE is tested to fit within a Class 1-5 protection rating system. Class 5 offers the highest level of hearing protection and can be trusted to protect both workers and site visitors up to levels marked on the packaging. The most convenient form of class 5 hearing protection is reusable, Uncorded Ear Plugs.

Uncorded Ear Plugs offer the convenience of individual, grab-and-go packaging, and the comfort of foam technology that adjusts to fit the wearer. Having highly visible Class 5 plugs available at all sites is a mining industry standard, used in conjunction with other noise reduction procedures and regular noise emissions testing. 


Safety Glasses — Harpoon 261 Safety Glasses

To reduce the likelihood that dust, shavings, splashes, sprays or fragments will enter the eye area and cause injury, it’s crucial to provide and use eye protection. The best form of eye protection for low to medium impact risk in the workplace is fitted Safety Glasses. Safety glasses come in a variety of styles and seals to service different levels of risk in the mining industry. All safety glasses should have a good, ergonomic fit so that workers can wear them comfortably for extended periods. For this reason, the Harpoon 261 Safety Glasses are a perfect choice.

Harpoon 261 Safety Glasses are ideal protection due to their comfort and versatility in the workplace. With soft and flexible temple ends, anti-fog lenses, medium impact protection, and a variety of tint options, the Harpoon 261 is a comfortable and high-quality choice of eyewear. 


Gloves — Shockguard Gel Gloves

In the mining industry, hand injuries account for a significant percentage of permanent workplace injuries. Which is why hand protection is essential. It might be surprising to find out that vibration injury is a major cause of long-term hand-and-arm damage in the industry. Extended exposure to vibration from handheld tools and equipment may lead to circulation problems, nerve damage, tendon, muscle and bone damage, and disorders like carpal tunnel. The best PPE for mining to reduce hand-and-arm vibration damage is a pair of gloves such as Shockguard Gel Gloves.

Shockguard Gel Gloves are designed to fit the hands snugly and help absorb the equipment shock and machine vibration that can occur in the workplace. Shockguard Gel Glovers are heavy-duty gloves with reinforced stitching and knuckle protection built in to help protect the structures of the hand from damage. They can be combined with other measures to reduce the likelihood of vibration injury. 


Sun Protection — Brim ‘N Shade

Workers in the mining industry are often at risk of sun exposure and UV damage if preventative measures aren’t taken to reduce the amount of exposure they receive. Unintended UV exposure is most often caused by forgetting to apply additional sun protection on top of work uniforms. One of the easiest pieces of sun PPE to apply while working on outdoor sites is the Brim ‘N Shade hardhat accessory. 

Hard Hat accessories like the Brim ‘N Shade provide sun protection that can be easily applied to the existing uniform. This means they can be put on quickly, securely, and can be left on all day to reduce sun exposure. The Brim ‘N Shade does this by creating shade around the face and neck with a wide brim and neck flap that fits onto most hard hats. 


Guard Cream — Derma Guard

The risk of skin irritation exists at all levels of mining operation. Workers can be exposed to chemicals and hazardous materials whether working in admin, exploration, extraction, transport, processing, maintenance or decommissioning. One of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of skin irritation is by using a guard cream such as Derma Guard

Derma Guard works by forming a non-greasy, microscopic shield across the skin — protecting against dust, paints, petrol, diesel, fibreglass, glues and more. Guard cream also makes it easier to get cleaned up at the end of the workday. Derma Guard is available as a cream, mousse and can even come in a wall dispenser, making it super convenient for workers.