What are the Best Supplier PPE Products for Warehouse and Logistics Workers?

Warehousing, Logistics, and Transport form the backbone of all Australian industries – essential to retail, medicine, mining, agriculture, construction and more. The vital services provided by Warehousing and Logistics are in high demand all year round. Meeting this fast-paced demand safely and efficiently is a challenge for companies and their workers. 

In any warehouse or depot, safety procedures and hazard reductions are used foremost to mitigate risks in the workplace. Therefore, PPE for Warehousing and Logistics is a critical last-line defence for workers. PPE for Warehousing and Logistics can often be highly specific to a particular good, product, or procedure. However, there are 5 essential PPE products that Australian Warehousing and Logistics workers need.

Warehousing Gloves with Grip for Manual Handling and Freezer Work

Warehouse workers are constantly on the move. They might be lifting large boxes, sorting small products, carrying freezer crates, or packing temperature-controlled goods all in one day. Materials that Warehouse workers handle range from cardboard and plastic to steel and glass. This constant variety is why many workers use gloves to improve their grip and reduce sweat while working. However, not all gloves are up to the task. 

Having a good grip and dexterity is essential to working efficiently and safely. Grip Gloves significantly improve grip strength compared to bare-handed lifting, which means stronger picking power that reduces fatigue and strain. Ergonomically designed Grip Gloves should fit the hand naturally and allow workers to feel what they are doing without sacrificing protection or performance.

When choosing Grip Gloves for Warehousing and Logistics work, look for the following traits:

  • Non-slip Grip – The grip pattern across the palm should be a non-slip design that increases grip strength.
  • Adjustable Cuff – A velcro strap cuff allows users to adjust the glove and ensure a comfortable, secure fit.
  • Washable – Machine washable gloves can be cleaned regularly to maintain a pristine grip for good surface contact.

See our best Grip Gloves.


High-Quality Eye Protection for Workers in Warehousing and Logistics

Most eye injuries sustained by Warehousing and Logistics workers are due to flying particles and debris. Warehouse workers face exposure to dust, fibreglass, chemicals, and broken product shards, which is why they need proper eye protection. Safety Glasses are the best form of eye protection for workers – quality glasses protect the front and sides of the eye and are easy to equip. 

Warehouse and Logistics workers need clear, wrap-around Safety Glasses that allow them to complete work indoors without having their vision impaired. High-quality glasses or PPE for warehousing and logistics should provide comfort and durability so that users do not have to adjust their glasses or feel distracted by them. Every worker should have their own set of Safety Glasses to maintain good hygiene standards across the site.

Seek out these important features when selecting Warehouse Safety Glasses: 

  • Medium Impact Rating – An official impact rating prevents the glasses from shattering on impact and protects wearers from shards.
  • Flexible Temple Ends – Flexibility around the ears and temples suits many face shapes and allows users to wear glasses for longer periods.
  • Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog – Prevents damage and maintains proper visibility for users in hot and cold temperatures.

We recommend these Safety Glasses for Warehouse workers.


What is the Best Safety Knife for Warehousing, Logistics, and Distribution Workers?

A Safety Knife is the most important tool for any Warehouse worker, but it needs to have the right features for the job. Quality Safety Knives with replaceable blades make cutting tasks easier and reduce the risk of laceration or strains while working. Warehouse and Logistics workers need to cut cardboard, tape, strapping and plastic wrap repetitively without damaging products which needs specialised products such as PPE for warehousing and logistics.

An adjustable Safety Knife is the best option to give Warehouse workers control over their cutting tasks. Adjustable knives with retractable guards allow users to change the depth of their knife cut, which reduces wear and helps to prevent damage to products.

Other significant features to look for in a Safety Knife for Warehousing are: 

  • Replaceable Blades – Provides longevity and is safer for users than working with a dull blade.
  • Cut Depth Settings – Adjusting guards to select a cut depth means workers can use the right cut for the job.
  • Ergonomic Design – A comfortable handle allows for a neutral grip, reducing the effort needed to perform a cut.
  • Replaceable Blades – Having a dull blade is never safe because it requires more brute force to use, and so being able to replace blades will reduce injury risk on site.

We recommend the Boxer 800 Safety Knife.


Prevent Skin Damage and Irritation at Warehouse Locations

Warehouse and Logistics workers are frequently exposed to skin irritants. They can encounter chemicals and hazardous materials in places such as the office, on the warehouse floor, in cold storage, during forklift operation and while unloading trucks. Even dust and dirt can cause skin irritation for workers. However, it is easy to reduce the risk of skin irritation by using a guard cream such as Derma Guard. 

Derma Guard works by forming an antibacterial, microscopic shield across the skin. It protects against irritants such as dust, paint, fibreglass, petrol, ink, adhesives and makes it easier to get cleaned up at the end of the workday. Derma Guard offers temporary emergency protection against many acids and bases, and it reduces sweating when worn under gloves.

We recommend Derma Guard Mousse for Warehouse and Logistics settings due to these features: 

  • Quick to apply and lasts 4 hours per application – Easy for workers to use.
  • Non-toxic, no added fragrance, and is food safe – Can be used with all goods and products.
  • Non-greasy, moisturising, and it contains nourishing oils – Keeps skin healthy. 

The Best Back Support Belt for Lifting at Work

Repeated lifting of heavy and awkwardly-shaped loads increases the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Warehouse and Logistics workers are required to retrieve, move and store heavy products every day on the job. While proper lifting technique is a crucial mandate in most workplaces, PPE solutions can greatly assist workers with repeated lifting. 

The most common cause of back injuries in Warehousing and Logistics is lifting, twisting, and bending. When done incorrectly, these motions can contribute to life-long health problems and reduced capacity to work. The solution is a correctly fitted Back Support Belt to help workers lift with the correct technique by keeping their backs straight, supported and reducing unintentional twisting or bending.

Ideal Back Support Belts should have proven comfort and support features, including: 

  • Support Panels – Provides abominable support to encourage core use when lifting.
  • Spring Steel Stays – Offering flexible support contoured to the shape of the lower back, waist, and abdomen.
  • Shoulder Suspenders – Adjustable shoulder suspenders support the belt and increase comfort for the wearer.

We recommend the BSB Back Support Belt for industrial warehouse settings.