LED rotating beacon lights are a must-have in vehicle safety equipment.

Accidents can happen in an instant and an appropriately visible vehicle safety light can prevent incidents by bringing awareness to the vehicle for both employees and customers on-site. LED rotating beacon lights are a great example as they combine the durability of an LED with the visibility and recognised flash of a rotating or rotary vehicle. Workplaces in the construction and mining industries, marine and fisheries, airports, medical centres, factories, warehouses and other transport companies can all put a LED rotating beacon light to good use.

A rotating beacon is a flashing light accessory that is mounted on top of either a vehicle, building, structure or machinery to bring attention to the stationary or moving object and ensure that other vehicles or pedestrians are aware of its presence to minimise the occurrence of a collision.

Similar to an ambulance or police car, you may have noticed flashing lights are commonly used on other moving vehicles.  For example, pilot boats use them when guiding in other large ships into port, airport baggage trucks turn them on when maneuvering through aircrafts on the runway, and mining trucks flash them when entering and exiting a 24-hour work site such as a tunnel where a shortage of natural light is common.

An LED rotating beacon light is also the perfect solution to alert others of stationary objects such as newly built structures which may alter the usual traffic conditions or route on a path. This type of beacon may be used on top of a bridge or building to alert aircraft or drones of the structure when hovering above. Alternatively, a simple hazard on the road, in the parking lot, or on any path can be illuminated with a rotating beacon to give the hazard recognition and ensure others stay clear of the area.

Did you know that even during daylight hours a rotating beacon light can save lives, especially in poor weather conditions such as fog, rain, and during a cyclone, where visibility is compromised.

We have a range of LED rotating beacon lighting to choose from at VisionSafe.

We have low profile lights suitable to areas where height restrictions may be in place, or you can opt for an extra tall light to make the beacon more distinguishable. Our range has various sizes to choose from, in a range of colours including red and amber (orange) options. The LED lighting is a state of the art technology which provides a high intensity output flash from the light-emitting diodes. Due to the brightness of the light it can be seen from afar and warns others with much advance notice to stay clear of the approaching hazard.

LED Beacons can prevent any accidents with just a flash!

It is a great responsibility to us all to keep each other safe and ensure all our employers and customers return home safely. Check out our range today!