Bottlechock Cylinder Restraint

Bottlechock Cylinder Restraint

BOTTLECHOCK is a unique Australian Made cylinder restraint system

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  • Purpose designed to keep cylinders secure
  • Suits gas cylinders, oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers, oil drums etc.
  • Grips around and maintains full contact with the cylinder
  • Restricts both horizontal and vertical movement
  • In multiple fittings, BOTTLECHOCK secures each cylinder individually
  • Easy to install inside buildings or in vehicle trays using bolts (not supplied)
  • Quick cylinder changeover with one pull on straps
  • Flexible design makes it easy to snap cylinders into place
  • Quick release pins free up space when not in use, and allow use in another location


  • Kits include both top and bottom fittings, available with Red or Hi Vis Yellow chocks
  • Available in Single (Holds 1 cylinder), Double (Holds 2 cylinders), Triple (Holds 3 cylinders) or Quad (Holds 4 cylinders) Kits
  • Size (cylinder diameter): Small (100-145mm), Medium (160-230mm), Medium Large (230-310mm), Large (245-375mm)
  • Specialised Oxygen/Acetylene kits available in two sizes, in both galvanised and 316 stainless steel brackets

Technical Specifications

  • Flexible nylon chock material is UV stabilised during manufacture
  • All non-metal components are highly combustion resistant & self-extinguishing
  • All metal components (excluding mounting brackets) are manufactured from stainless steel
  • Brackets are available in either 1.6mm Galvanised Steel: for corrosion resistance) or 316 Stainless Steel (ideal for marine and specialty applications).


Part Number (Red) Part Number (Yellow) No. Cylinders Size Diameter Range Bracket
BG1S BG1S YW 1 Small 100-145mm Galvanised
BST1S BST1S YW 1 Small 100-145mm Stainless
BG2S BG2S YW 2 Small 100-145mm Galvanised
BST2S BST2S YW 2 Small 100-145mm Stainless
BG3S BG3S YW 3 Small 100-145mm Galvanised
BST3S BST3S YW 3 Small 100-145mm Stainless
BG4S BG4S YW 4 Small 100-145mm Galvanised
BST4S BST4S YW 4 Small 100-145mm Stainless
BG1M BG1M YW 1 Medium 160-230mm Galvanised
BST1M BST1M YW 1 Medium 160-230mm Stainless
BG2M BG2M YW 2 Medium 160-230mm Galvanised
BST2M BST2M YW 2 Medium 160-230mm Stainless
BG3M BG3M YW 3 Medium 160-230mm Galvanised
BST3M BST3M YW 3 Medium 160-230mm Stainless
BG4M BG4M YW 4 Medium 160-230mm Galvanised
BST4M BST4M YW 4 Medium 160-230mm Stainless
BG1ML BG1ML YW 1 Medium-Large 230-310mm Galvanised
BST1ML BST1ML YW 1 Medium-Large 230-310mm Stainless
BG2ML BG2ML YW 2 Medium-Large 230-310mm Galvanised
BST2ML BST2ML YW 2 Medium-Large 230-310mm Stainless
BG1L BG1L YW 1 Large 245-375mm Galvanised
BST1L BST1L YW 1 Large 245-375mm Stainless
BG2L BG2L YW 2 Large 245-375mm Galvanised
BST2L BST2L YW 2 Large 245-375mm Stainless
Oxygen Acetylene Kits
BGOXYACET-S 2 1x Small
1x Medium
1x 100-145mm
1x 160-230mm
BGOXYACET 2 1x Medium
1x Large
1x 160-230mm
1x 245-375mm
BSTOXYACET 2 1x Medium
1x Large
1x 160-230mm
1x 245-375mm

Additional information

No. Cylinders

1, 2, 3, 4


Hi Vis Yellow, Red

Mounting Bracket

Galvanised, Stainless

Cylinder Diameter Range

100-145mm, 160-230mm, 230-310mm, 245-375mm

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