Ecospec 209
Safety Glasses

Ecospec Safety Glasses are an economical visitors spec offering excellent coverage at a budget price

Suited for:
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  • AS/NZS 1337.1 Medium Impact safety glasses
  • Economical
  • One piece lens
  • Ideal for site visitors
  • Integrated side shields
  • Vented side arms


Part Number Frame Lens
209CLCL Clear Clear Uncoated
209GYSD Grey Smoke Uncoated
209YWAR Yellow Amber Uncoated


VISIONSafe’s Safety Eyewear selection offers sleek and functional, high-quality eye protection for personnel in most industrial situations.

Our diverse range is certified fully compliant by SAI Global with Australian Standards AS/NZS133.7 and AS/NZS 1067 wherever applicable. As indicated by the presence of the SAI Global Standards Mark on our eyewear, users can rest assured that our products have met the rigorous requirements of both domestic and international quality and safety standards.

AS/NZS 1337.1 Personal Eye Protection – Eye and face protectors for occupational applications

This Standard specifies minimum requirements for non-prescription eye and face protectors and associated oculars. They are designed to provide protection for the eyes and faces of persons against common occupational hazards such as flying particles and fragments, dusts, splashing materials and molten metals, harmful gases, vapours and aerosols. Requirements for optical qualities and low, medium, high and very high impact resistance are given.

Safety Glasses Impact Rating

Impact protection is specified by the Standard AS/NZS 1337.1:2010. Impact protection is determined by the metres per second in which a projectile travels. A ballistic test rig fires a 6.00mm or 6.35mm ball at speeds of 12m/sec up to 120m/sec

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Low Impact 13 m/s 12 m/s Safety Glasses
Medium Impact 45 m/s 40 m/s Safety Glasses, Goggles
High Impact 120 m/s 110 m/s Visor Systems

AS/NZS 1067 Sunglasses and fashion spectacles

This Standard specifies minimum requirements for sunglasses and fashion spectacles and sunglass lenses of nominal plano power – excluding (any) prescription lenses – intended for protection against solar radiation for general use, and social and domestic purposes, including road use and driving.

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0 80-100% Clear, Amber
1 43-80% Silver I/O Mirror, Blue
2 18-43%
3 8-18% Smoke, Brown, Dark Silver Mirror, Blue Mirror
Outdoor Untinted 80-100% Clear, Amber

Sunglasses that comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 1067 should be labelled to state this compliance


Smoke Tinted – Smoke tint is ideal for prolonged use outdoors. The smoke tint reduces light intensity without impairing vision or affecting colour transmission.

Clear – Premium optical clarity maximising light transmission.

Brown Tinted – Brown tinted lenses block blue light commonly found in diffused light conditions such as on a cloudy day.

Amber Tinted – Amber tint is recommended for use in low light conditions as it enhances contrast and depth perception. Not recommended for prolonged use.

Blue Mirror – Blue Mirror coating over smoke lens, ideal in the outdoors as these lenses cut glare without interfering with colour perception

Silver Indoor/Outdoor Mirror – Silver Mirror coating over clear lens (Indoor/Outdoor); lenses are ideal where personnel are constantly moving from interior lighting to exterior lighting.

Brown Indoor/Outdoor Mirror – Brown Mirror coating over clear lens
(Indoor/Outdoor); lenses are ideal where personnel are constantly moving from interior lighting to exterior lighting.

Polarised – Polarised lenses cut glare by aligning reflected light waves into the horizontal plane. They allow for the natural perception of colour with no compromise of reds, greens and yellows.

IR3/IR5 Lens – IR3 and IR5 shade lenses protect the eyes from harmful light transmissions emitted during certain gas welding applications, brazing or cutting. NOT suitable for electric arc welding.

Anti-Fog Coating – The Anti-Fog Coating reduces or eliminates fogging
on lenses.