Heavy Duty Magnetic Base – Whip Aerial Accessory

Heavy Duty magnetic base allows the whip aerial to be temporarily mounted to a vehicle

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Part Number Description Suits Aerial Type
WA-B 155cm x 12cm Orange Bag for up to 1.2m Segments WAP58, WAP45 and WAN
WA-BH Bent Hook to Secure Whip Aerial WAP58, WAP45 and WAN
WA-MB-A Heavy Duty Magnetic Whip Aerial Triangle Base WAP58, WAP45 and WAN
WA-F Replacement Flag – 30cm x 25cm WAP58, WAP45 and WAN
WA58R Replacement LED Unit – Red WAP58
WA58A Replacement LED Unit – Amber WAP58
WA58G Replacement LED Unit – Green WAP58
WA58B Replacement LED Unit – Blue WAP58
WA58W Replacement LED Unit – White WAP58
WAP-QR Power Supported Quick Release Mount Adapter WAP58 and WAP45
WAP-S Power Supported Heavy Duty Spring Mount with 30cm Wire WAP58 and WAP45
WAN-S Non-Powered Heavy Duty Spring Mount WAN
WAN-QR Non-Powered Quick Release Mount Adapter WAN
WAN-E 1.2m Non-Powered Extension Rod Segmented WAN only