Jade MAXX 353

The Jade MAXX Goggle is available in a foam bound or PVC seal frame

Suited for:
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  • AS/NZS 1337.1 Medium Impact goggle
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch lens
  • Frame designed for comfortable use with prescription glasses
  • Replacement lenses available
  • Optically correct polycarbonate lens
  • Vented PVC frame


Product Number Frame Lens
353: Flexible PVC Seal
353GRCLAF Green Clear Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch
353GRSDAF Green Smoke Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch
353F: Closed Foam Bound
353FGRCLAF Green Clear Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch
353FGRSDAF Green Smoke Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch
Replacement Parts
353CLAF Replacement Lens Clear Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch
353SDAF Replacement Lens Smoke Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch