Mine Bars
by ACOT500

Robust Mine Bars with a range of configurations including Reversing Alarms, Beacons, LED Worklights and more

Suited for:
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  • The Mine Bar range by ACOT500 is available in a variety of configurations to suit specific requirements
  • All mine bars are 1260mm in length and include Stop/Tail and Indicator lights as standard
  • Two reverse alarm options – either Standard 97dB or Dual Tone (Standard 102dB or Broadband 97dB selectable alarm)
  • Optional twin mounted LED worklights
  • Operating voltage: 12VDC
  • Choose from a range of options for the main beacon:
  • Other mine bar configurations available on request including 24VDC. For detailed specifications please contact our sales team.


Beacon Type Standard Reversing Alarm Standard Reversing Alarm w/Worklights Dual Tone Reversing Alarm Dual Tone Reversing Alarm w/Worklights
Small LED Beacon AMB1260L4BA97L1 AMB1260L4BA97L1/S AMB1260L4DS97L1 AMB1260L4DS97L1/S
Large LED Beacon AMB1260L4BA97L3 AMB1260L4BA97L3/S AMB1260L4DS97L3 AMB1260L4DS97L3/S
Titan Rotating LED Beacon AMB1260L4BA97LR3 AMB1260L4BA97LR3/S AMB1260L4DS97LR3 AMB1260L4DS97LR3/S
Rotating Beacon AMB1260L4BA97R3 AMB1260L4BA97R3/S AMB1260L4DS97R3 AMB1260L4DS97R3/S
LED Mini Bar AMB1260L4BA97LS3 AMB1260L4BA97LS3/S AMB1260L4DS97LS3 AMB1260L4DS97LS3