Outback Hat
by Newcastle Hats

The Outback Hat is a perfect all weather hat made from quality lined oilskin

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  • Manufactured in Australia from UPF 50+ rated oilskin, this Australian Outback Hat is the perfect all weather hat
  • Features a medium 7cm brim with brimlock edging
  • Gusset and top lined for added comfort


Part Number Colour Size
NH OSTBKMB-(size) Black S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
NH OSTBRMB-(size) Brown S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL




Back to basics with the Australian outback hats!

 Australia is known for its nature, simplicity and the hot sun of course.

With all this outdoor beauty in mind we have just the right product to keep your head and face protected from those harmful sun rays or heavy rain. Our outback hat is the perfect accessory for the dry or humid scorching climate we experience here in Australia.

Its classic look is a favorite amongst the homegrown aussies and popular on the international market as well. The hat provides great face coverage and its versatility is endless because of its basic design. You can wear this hat to a work site, a sporting event, fishing, golfing, beach, or any other outdoor activity. The hat receives positive feedback from farmers across rural, country Australia who rely greatly on the dependability of this staple Australian product – our great Australian outback hat!

The benefits of the outback hat are plentiful.

The outback hat is renowned for its durability. Made of oilskin, a type of waterproof material, it withstands hardy weather conditions and wears comfortably even when the temperatures are not so comfortable.

Oilskin is a type of fabric invented by sailors at sea. Back in the days sailors required a reliable method to harden the fabric of their sails to withstand foul weather, salt and thunderstorms when out in the middle of the ocean. This is how the oilskin material was born. These days different weatherproof garments are created using this clever method and fabric of choice to keep people dry and protected.

The oilskin material is breathable and keeps your body temperature well adjusted. It is a perfect choice for the extreme weather conditions of the Australian outback. Additionally, the recognisable wide brim is purposely built to keep the harsh elements well away from your face and eyes. A stylish option that keeps you safe at the same time.

Our outback hat comes in either a black, bottle green or brown colour. We will custom make the hat with the measurements you provide to ensure the perfect fit. To personalise the hat even further you can choose to add an elastic or a chinstrap with a toggle for a more secure fit. We also provide an option for extra neck protection and you can choose to get a fabric neck flap sewn into the hat for those extra long days in the sun. We still recommend you always follow the slip slop slap rule for the best coverage all around.

Caring for the outback hat is an easy task!

 One would imagine the Australian outback hat would be difficult to clean after all it endures. This is not the case. This hat is built to be tough. It is simple to clean, simply wipe the hat with a soft brush to remove any residue or dirt sitting on the surface. Once dusted, use a small wet sponge with cold water to wipe away any of the more stubborn soil. When your hat starts looking a bit worn and tired you can always re-wax the outback to bring it back to life.

With these easy care instructions and durability the Australian outback hat delivers and exceeds the expectations of many.