Premium LED Whip Aerial

The Premium version of our LED Whip Aerial utilises 8 high intensity LEDs for extra visibility

Suited for:
Industrial Lifestyle
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  • Perfect for a range of applications, from work vehicles and mine sites to recreational use on quad bikes and ATVs
  • Sturdy fibreglass construction
  • 8 red ‘constant on’ LEDs in clear casing (Replaceable unit)
  • Operating voltage: 10-30VDC
  • Hi Vis Orange Nylon mesh flag w/ Silver Reflective cross
  • 1.2 meters version is non-segmented
  • 1.8 and 2.4 meters versions are segmented for easy storage
  • Heavy duty spring mount with 30cm wire
  • Option to change LED colour via Replacement LED units
  • A range of accessories and replacement parts is available
Part Number Description
Premium LED Whip Aerial
WAP58-1.2m 1.2m Premium Whip Aerial
WAP58-1.8m 1.8m Premium Whip Aerial in 2 Segments
WAP58-2.4m 2.4m Premium Whip Aerial in 2 Segments
LED Whip Aerial
WAP45-1.2m 1.2m LED Whip Aerial
WAP45-1.8m 1.8m LED Whip Aerial
Non-Powered Whip Aerial
WAN-1.2m 1.2m Whip Aerial
WAN-1.8m 1.8m Whip Aerial in 2 Segments
WAN-2.4m 2.4m Whip Aerial in 2 Segments