ReAkta Scalpel

The ReAkta Scalpel is ideal for hobbyists requiring a precision blade for intricate tasks, while still providing additional safety features with a self retracting blade

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Industrial Lifestyle
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  • Blade automatically retracts for safety, and can be locked open or closed
  • Suitable for left or right hand use and allows full dexterity required for intricate tasks
  • Quick and easy no-tool blade change
  • 10mm tubular body with a knurled finish for extra grip
  • Extended end piece to fold or form materials
  • Includes 1 Swann Morton scalpel blade No. 11
  • Suitable for Swann Morton blades 10a/11/13/40


Part Number Description
RKSC Spring Loaded Retractable Knife

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Weight 0.12 kg