T2 Minor Wound Module
by First Aid Works

T2 Minor Wound Module for the Ultimate First Aid Kit Module Version

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Note: The T2 Minor Wound Module is not interchangeable with the Standard Minor Wound Module and cannot be used in the Modular First Aid Kit

Part Number Description
FAWT2UMMWM Minor Wound Module


Additional information

Weight 0.43 kg


Qty Contents
3 Non-adherent dressing 7.5 x 10cm
6 Non-adherent dressing 7.5 x 5cm
1 Non-adherent dressing 10 x 10cm
10 Antiseptic wound wipe (1% Cetrimide BP)
1 Antiseptic spray 50ml
1 Combine dressing 10 x 10cm
50 Adhesive dressing strip
1 Disposable CPR face shield
1 Conforming gauze bandage 7.5cm
2 Conforming gauze bandage 5cm
2 Safety pin
1 Notebook & pencil
1 Pen
2 Disposable nitrile gloves
1 Paper dressing tape 2.5cm
1 Scissors
1 Tweezers
10 Disposable splinter probe
1 Instant ice pack
1 First aid pamphlet

All modules include instructions for the appropriate first aid treatment. They also contain a comprehensive maintenance checklist ensuring the workplace kit remains serviceable.