First Aid Works All Purpose Toolbox

August 17, 2018 under News Article

VISIONSafe is very First Aid conscious and we hope you are too.

Whether you are office bound, out and about for work as a tradie or simply enjoying the great outdoors – the All Purpose Toolbox from First Aid Works should be part of your kit.

The All Purpose Toolbox has been designed to be portable and perfect for an office up to 50 staff or 20 staff for those on the move at a high risk workplace like a construction site. Built from a durable polypropylene material, the kit has a lift out shelf with all of the essentials at an arms reach.

Are you First Aid Ready? Be ready with our All Purpose Portable Toolbox!

For more product information visit https://visionsafe.com.au/…/all-purpose-workplace-first-ai…/ or contact VISIONSafe sales@visionsafe.com.au.

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