Newcastle Hats Participates in SafeWork NSW Mentoring Program

September 12, 2017 under News Article

As part of VISIONSafe’s ongoing commitment to safety, the Manager of our Coonabarabran factory, Jessie Smith, has recently taken part in the SafeWork NSW Mentoring Program. Below is an excerpt of an interview with Jessie regarding the program. Should you wish to find out more about the program for your business, please go to

  • Please state your name, position and the name of your business

My name is Jessie Smith, I am the Production Manager at Newcastle Hats

  • Tell me a little about the business

Newcastle Hats is a textiles factory located in Coonabarabran and owned by VISIONSafe, a safety product supplier in Western Australia. We produce a number of hat styles ranging from safety, sporting, school, work and dress hats. We also have the ability to manufacture custom products.

  • What are some of the key risks in working in a manufacturing business?

The main risks in a manufacturing business like ours are manual handling, machinery and equipment, chemicals, noise and repetitive work.

  • Why is it important for manufacturing businesses to take safety seriously?

Safety should be important to all businesses. Nobody should go to work and feel unsafe and I don’t believe any business or individual wants to experience an accident in the workplace. The potential financial and legal consequences could be seriously damaging to a small business and the physical and mental impact on those directly involved in an incident could be very difficult for them to overcome.

  •  What sorts of things do business and workers need to be aware of and manage?

I think they need to be aware of their responsibilities regarding safety and be able to identify and manage the risks in a way that is appropriate for that particular workplace. I also think everybody needs to be aware that it isn’t just one person or department’s responsibility, everybody in the workplace should have an interest in ensuring a safe environment is created and maintained.

To find out more, download the Mentor Program brochureand find some new ways to make your workplace safe.

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