PI-LIT® Sequential Flare

PI-LIT® Sequential Flare

Product Description

  • Simply turn on one at a time and they will automatically sequence
  • Directs traffic and warns drivers of activity ahead
  • No limit to number of flares in a sequenced chain
  • Super bright 360 degree viewing angle
  • Automatically adjusts LEDs to horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Rugged and durable design to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Magnetic base for quick attachment to vehicles
  • Operating frequency within the 2.4 GigaHertz range
  • Five group frequencies available to order allowing multiple sequenced chains to operate within the same area – yellow (default), blue, green, orange, beige
  • Suitable for use in rain and snow
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries per flare
  • Approximately 3-4 days of continuous use battery life
Code Colour Description
PLSFYA/R Amber/Red Individual Flare - Default Frequency (Yellow)
PLSFYB/B Blue/Blue Individual Flare - Default Frequency (Yellow)
PLSFYR/R Red/Red Individual Flare - Default Frequency (Yellow)
PLSFYA/R-KIT Amber/Red Set of 10 Flares in Carry Case - Default Frequency (Yellow)
PLSFYB/B-KIT Blue/Blue Set of 10 Flares in Carry Case - Default Frequency (Yellow)
PLSFYR/R-KIT Red/Red Set of 10 Flares in Carry Case - Default Frequency (Yellow)
PLRC Pi-Lit Remote Control

* Blue, Green, Orange and Beige group frequencies also available to order allowing multiple sequenced chains to operate within the same area


Flash Rate – 1 per second
Flash Duration – 40 to 600 milliseconds, user controlled
Delay between units – 50 milliseconds to 200 milliseconds; user controllable
Patterns – 5 “march” patterns to choose from
Battery Status Indicator (Beacon-Style)
Remote Control of Lamp parameters; Range of Remote Control Unit = 200 meters
Range between Units – recommended max. 100 meters
“Marker” function to designate truck entrance to work zone (Patented)
Visual Distance – 900 meters – night time (I.T.E. Type A,C Lamp – Compliant)
Optical dispersion – +/- 24 degrees from centerline horizontal; +/- 15 degrees from center vertical; independent control of front/back face illumination for Barricade-Style lamps.
Battery and Capacity – 4 Standard D-Alkaline Cell – 4-6 months operation (Barricade-Style); 3 months AA-Cell (Beacon-Style)
Day and night or nighttime-only operation – photocell controlled
Unidirectional or bidirectional light output – steady burn between flashes – user controlled
Unlimited number of lamps in a string; Self-healing network (Patented) – replace missing lamp by turning new lamp on.


Weight – Barricade-Style-2.3 pounds with batteries (4-D Alkaline cell); Beacon-Style -9 ounces with batteries (4 AA-cell)
Material – Polypropylene case with Polycarbonate lens
Rated temperature: -20 degrees to + 130 degree Fahrenheit (battery capacity compromised at low temperatures).


Radio Frequency – 2.4 GHz – 10 “Groups” to choose from – user controllable
Radio Frequency Output – max +4dBm
FCC certified/Compliant
Duty cycle – RF 1 millisecond per second (1/1000). LED flash 1 per second