Assassin Arrow Bar

Assassin Arrow Bar

The Arrow Bar is easy to install, includes its own controller and comes in a range of flash patterns. You can set the Arrow Bar to Chasing Left, Chasing Right or Chasing Double. It is well suited to directing and diverting traffic.


  • Easy to install
  • Includes controller
  • Arrow flash patterns: Chasing Left, Chasing Right, Chasing Double
  • Available in 12 or 24 VDC
  • Can be customised to your requirements with either clear or matching lens colour
  • LED integrated into lens
  • High quality LED designed for long lasting colour and clarity
  • LEDs rated at 100,000 operational hours
  • Robust design to withstand tough conditions
  • Low current draw
  • Waterproof and vibration resistant
  • Tamper proof
  • Modular design for easy construction and maintenance
  • Ability to include signage module
  • No static interference with LED operation
  • Operating temperature -10 to 85° C


  • IP66 rated: Dustproof and Water Resistant
  • Dimensions: L1114mm x H580mm
  • Custom sizes and configurations available for order
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • LED modules available in Amber, Red, Green, Clear, Blue & Magenta
  • Modular 4 x 1 Watt LED epoxy sealed clusters


  • Aluminium top and bottom
  • Polycarbonate UV stabilised Lens
  • PC board epoxy coated
Part No LED Modules Length Mount Volt LED Colour Lens Colour
ALA1114-20AA-12V 20 1114mm Hardwire 12VDC Amber Amber
ALA1114-20AA-24V 20 1114mm Hardwire 24VDC Amber Amber

Assassin Arrow Bar in action: