VISIONSafe’s Hearing Protection Options

August 7, 2017 under News Article

Hearing protection is important for all of us – at some point or another in our lives we are all exposed to high noise environments. It’s even more critical to take precautions with your hearing if this exposure is constant – such as in your workplace or any other frequently visited site. Guidelines recommend that hearing protection be used in any situation that boasts a noise level of more than 85dB – think noisy city traffic, a typical factory or a food blender.

Once damaged or lost, it is extremely unlikely that hearing will return – so it’s better to be safe than sorry. VISIONSafe offers various hearing protection options to counter that danger, from earmuffs to corded and uncorded ear plugs. Find out more information about each of the options here, or contact us to find your nearest stockist.

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