Whip Aerials – May 2018 Product of the Month

May 1, 2018 under News Article

Does your vehicle have a Whip Aerial installed? If you work on a mine site or just enjoy going off the beaten track, the Vision Safe team believe a mine flag is one of the essential vehicle safety items everyone should have. They can also be installed as a buggy flag to any ATV or Quad Bike for farm and off-road recreational use. Sturdy fibreglass construction provides overall strength for the pole section of the whip aerial, and the heavy duty spring mount allows the flag to move and bend safely without fracture or breakage.

Whip Aerials and mine flags are available in 3 different versions, in lengths ranging from 1.2 to 2.4m.

The Premium LED Whip Aerial comes with a replaceable LED light (available in a range of colours) mounted at the top and is available in 2 lengths – 1.2m (WAP58-1.2m) or 1.8m  (WAP58-1.8m). Both sizes of Premium LED Whip Aerial come as standard with a heavy duty spring mount, 30cm cable to connect the 8 LED light on the tip of the aerial and a Hi Vis Orange Nylon Mesh Flag with a Silver Reflective cross. The 1.8m size is segmented for ease of storage when not in use, and a 1.2m powered extension rod is also available.

The LED Whip aerial comes with an fixed top mounted 12 Red LED light and is available in 2 non-segmented lengths – 1.2m (WAP45-1.2m) or 1.8m (WAP45-1.8m). Both come mounted on a heavy duty spring mount with a 30cm wire to connect the integrated light and a Hi Vis Orange Nylon Mesh Flag with a Silver Reflective cross.

The non-powered Whip aerials are available in 3 lengths – 1.2m (WAN-1.2m), 1.8m (WAN-1.8m) and 2.4m (WAN-2.4m). The 1.8m and 2.4m versions are segmented for easy storage.  All non-powered versions include a quick release coupling, heavy duty spring mount and a Hi Vis Orange Nylon Mesh Flag with a Silver Reflective cross. A 1.2m non-powered extension rod to provide additional height is available for the segmented aerials.

Vision Safe also carries a range of accessories and spare parts to customise your aerial to suit requirements.

View the product here for more information.

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