What are the Leading PPE Products for Workers in the Manufacturing Industry across Australia?

PPE for the Manufacturing Industry plays a critical role in Australia’s robust Manufacturing sector, contributing over $100 Billion to GDP annually and employing nearly 1 Million workers. The Manufacturing Industry produces products and technology for many sectors, such as medical, food and beverage, recycling, construction, exports, defence, resources, and minerals processing. A large and resilient Manufacturing Industry is crucial to the Australian economy and societal infrastructure. 

A diverse range of jobs exists in manufacturing, from working in design as an engineer to contributing to production as a technician, and each involves specialised skills and equipment. In a production setting, jobs are often physically demanding for workers and may involve environmental or material hazards. Reducing risk and increasing safety are crucial goals in the Manufacturing Industry, which is why it is imperative for workers to use correct, high-quality PPE for the Manufacturing Industry. These are our Top 5 products of PPE for the Manufacturing Industry.

PPE for Engineering

Make Materials Easier to Lift Safely with Specialised Grip Gloves

Workers in manufacturing are often required to complete manual lifting frequently throughout the day. From moving raw materials to making precision adjustments and packing final products, many manufacturing processes require the input of human hands. Due to the types of equipment, materials, and tools used in manufacturing, workers may be more at risk of workplace injuries to the fingers, hands, or wrists. Appropriate PPE can reduce the risk of injury and make jobs easier for manufacturing workers. 

Wearing gloves with an additional grip designed for handling materials can improve efficiency and precision and can assist in avoiding accidents. Grip gloves provide extra gripping power, making it easier for workers to lift heavy loads, delicate materials, or grip surfaces such as glass. In addition, high-quality gloves can help to protect workers from accidental cuts and scrapes. 

The Gripguard Gloves by Guardsman are our recommended grip gloves for PPE for the Manufacturing Industry. Gripguard Gloves are ideal for industrial settings and working in the elements. They feature an extra fingertip grip, a specialised non-slip grip pattern on the palm, a velcro strap cuff for a secure fit, and they are completely machine washable. 


Protect Against Shards and Chemical Splashes by Using Goggles with a Face Guard Attachment

Face and eye protection is crucial for manufacturing industry workers for a variety of reasons:

  • Manufacturing often involves large machinery, which can pose a risk of injury to the face and eyes.
  • Manufacturing processes often involve chemicals and other materials that can harm the face and eyes.
  • Manufacturing environments can be dusty and dirty, leading to eye and face injuries if workers are not adequately protected.

Workers in these settings must wear suitable face and eye protection to guard against materials such as metal shards, dust, chemical splashes, shavings, sparks, and more. Combination safety goggles + face guards are often useful in manufacturing settings due to their flexibility – workers can use or remove the face guard depending on the task while continuing to wear their safety goggles at all times. 

We recommend the Garrison Face Guard 363-F for its optimal goggle and removable face guard set-up. The Garrison Goggle is certified to AS/NZS standards for medium impact protection, has a vented frame to promote airflow, and fits comfortably over prescription glasses. The Face Guard attaches to the Goggles to provide essential protection to the lower half of the face. The Garrison’s Anti-fog and Anti-scratch lens technology also ensures comfortable, long-term use.


Use Certified Earmuffs to Reduce the Risk of High-impact Industrial Noise

Employees in the manufacturing industry in Australia are at risk of hearing damage due to exposure to noise hazards in the workplace. According to Safe Work Australia, manufacturing workers risk hearing damage, hearing loss, and tinnitus when they experience prolonged exposure to noise levels exceeding 85 decibels (dB). To reduce the risk of hearing injury, employers should implement control measures to minimise exposure to noise hazards and provide workers with adequate hearing protection as a last line of defence.

Earmuffs effectively reduce high noise levels, provide a comfortable seal around the ears, and allow wear for extended periods. Comfort is essential in manufacturing environments where workers must wear earmuffs for long hours. 

Our VISIONSafe Class 5 Earmuffs are perfect for those working in manufacturing. Suited to medium- and high-noise environments, our Earmuffs are certified to AS/NZS standards to ensure proper protection. With a central pivot headband and ultra-soft cushions, VISIONSafe’s Earmuffs provide the ultimate comfort. 


An Auto Retractable Safety Knife for Manufacturing Work

Safety knives are an essential tool in the manufacturing industry. Retractable knives are the safest way to quickly cut through materials and are conveniently accessible thanks to their size. Workers can avoid injuries and strains by using a sharp safety knife while maintaining a steady working pace. 

A high-quality Safety Knife must have the right features for Manufacturing Industry workers. We recommend the Boxer 800 Safety Knife from VISIONSafe, which has been designed with retractable guards that lock into place, allowing users to select the depth of each knife cut depending on the job. The Boxer 800 has three depth settings, reversible and replaceable blades, and spring-loaded operation. 


Make Prolonged Use of Masks More Comfortable with an Ear Kaddy Clip

In the manufacturing industry, workers use masks covering their nose and mouth to protect themselves from airborne particles and other hazards, mainly harmful dust and fumes.

However, prolonged wearing of a mask can cause skin irritation and aching ears as the straps rub and chafe. The Ear Kaddy Clip designed by Glove Guard is a simple and effective solution to this problem.

The Ear Kaddy Clip attaches to the straps of the face mask and goes around the back of the head, holding the mask in place without putting any pressure on the ears. As a result, workers can wear their masks for longer periods comfortably. In addition, the Ear Kaddy Clip is adjustable and made of lightweight, flexible material for use with any face mask and any sized head.