Reviewing the Best PPE Products for Workers in Australia’s Road Transport Industry

Nearly half a million Australians work in the Road Transport sector, making up a large portion of workers in the Transport and Logistics Industry. Road Transport includes freight transport, postal and courier services, passenger transport, automobile delivery, and water transport. It is no surprise that the majority of workers in the Road Transport Industry are drivers.

Whether operating a truck, coach, bus, automobile, or delivery vehicle, driving is physically demanding for workers, often involving long hours and environmental or material hazards. Increasing safety and reducing risks are national goals in the Road Transport Industry, and a crucial part of protecting workers is using correct, high-quality PPE. These are our Top 5 PPE products for the Road Transport Industry, excluding uniforms and clothing.

Safety Sunglasses with UV Protection for Drivers Working Inside and Outside their Vehicle

Drivers and Transport workers know that being on the road can be dangerous. There are many potential hazards, from dealing with traffic to navigating severe weather conditions, which is why using PPE to protect eyesight is so important.

While driving in the cab or working outside a vehicle, Transport Workers are at risk of exposure to dangerous UV rays, airborne particulates, and debris from other vehicles. However, the risk of eye injury can be reduced by using appropriate eye protection as the last line of defence.

Impact-rated safety sunglasses are the best PPE for eye protection for Road Transport workers. Our Gecko U286 Safety Sunglasses offer a medium-impact safety rating, good UV protection, and wraparound comfort frames with rubber nose pads to keep sunglasses secure during wear. The Gecko U286 Safety Sunglasses come with anti-fog and mirror-lens options.


Sequential Warning Lights Increase Worker Visibility During Loading, Unloading, and Breakdowns

Increasing visibility on the road increases the safety of Transport Industry workers and other road users. There are many PPE options for Road Transport workers to increase visibility, such as using hi-vis clothing, vehicle lighting, and portable LED flares. LED flare lights, in particular, are essential for directing traffic and increasing visibility during many situations, such as:

  • Emergency or Breakdown – On a city highway or a regional road, traffic must navigate safely around a stopped vehicle. Portable LED flares provide advanced warning and encourage traffic to move safely.
  • No Loading Zone – Loading zones increase worker safety. But when a loading zone isn’t available, LED flare lights can create a safe loading area and warn other road users to leave enough room for workers loading or unloading a vehicle.
  • Hazard Isolation – When moving goods, spills and accidents can happen. Use LED flares with traffic cones to signal a hazard on the road, loading dock, or pathway.

At VISIONSafe, we seek out industry-leading vehicle safety technology, which is why we recommend the Pi-Lit® Sequential Flare portable LED system for use in the Road Transport Industry. Pi-Lit® Sequential Flares are heavy-duty, rechargeable flares that can be programmed to flash sequentially to direct road users. With the charging dock doubling as the carrying case, this portable flare system is a convenient safety tool for trucks, vans, coaches and buses, and automobiles.


Best Portable First Aid Kit for Truck Drivers and Couriers

Every workplace in Australia should have an appropriately sized first aid kit on hand for emergencies. For workers in the Transport Industry, their workplace includes trucks, vans, and fleet vehicles that they drive daily—having access to a portable first aid kit while on the road is crucial. 

Whether driving through cities or regions, working long hours in a vehicle comes with risks. Aside from vehicular accidents, transport workers can also be injured while loading and unloading goods, operating controls, getting into and out of the vehicle, and assisting clients and customers. Transport workers can also suffer injury from road debris or exposure to harsh chemicals. Accessing and administering first aid is essential in these situations. 

The Motorist First Aid Kit by First Aid Works is the best portable emergency kit for work vehicles. This compact kit contains the essentials needed for the following:

  • treating minor wounds and burns;
  • immobilising injured areas in a sling;
  • removing splinters and debris;
  • performing CPR using a safe face shield;
  • rinsing and dressing eye wounds;
  • and responding to emergencies.

With its tough nylon case, the Motorist First Aid Kit can be placed in the glove box or seat pocket or secured within reach. 


Make Manual Lifting Safer with a Back Support Belt

Road Transport workers have high musculoskeletal injury rates, with back injuries being particularly common. However, as part of their daily jobs, workers in the Road Transport Industry must use manual handling and lifting, whether driving, delivering, or working at the loading dock. Couriers handle hundreds of packages, charter bus drivers often lift passenger luggage into stowage, and delivery drivers frequently handle large goods.

Lifting is a hazard in Road Transport, but the risks can be reduced through good procedures, ergonomic vehicle set-up, lifting aids, and safe lifting practices. But what PPE products are there for lifting?

Back Support Belts are an excellent option for Road Transport workers to use when lifting, bending, lowering, or during other manual handling tasks. It is important to note that Back Support Belts do not protect workers from back injuries. Rather, they encourage wearers’ to keep a straight lower back through the supportive pressure of steel stays and tapered panelling, reducing the tendency to bend at the waist.

For many Road Transport workers, the physical and supportive reminder of a Back Support Belt is crucial during long shifts where the body and mind become tired and may ‘give in’ to unsafe lifting techniques. Our BSB Back Support Belt comes with adjustable shoulder suspenders to ensure a secure fit at all times and suits workers performing frequent heavy lifting.


Protect Skin Against Dirt, Grime, and Oil using Derma Guard Hand Cream

Whether delivering parcels or chartering passengers around Australia’s beautiful regions, Road Transport workers encounter a lot of dust, dirt, and grime. But frequent hand washing or using hand sanitiser to combat dirt and germs can cause the skin to become dry and irritated. Dry and irritated skin is not just uncomfortable for transport workers; it can be a dangerous distraction on the road.

Preventative measures to protect the hands of drivers and transport workers are the best way to combat skin irritation injuries. A protective hand cream designed for industry workers is the best solution.

Derma Guard Cream protects skin from dust, dirt, soap, and other irritants. Upon application, Derma Guard forms a moisturising barrier of protection over the skin, which resists grease, ink, petrol and diesel, solvents, and more. Derma Guard’s hand cream and mousse dry in moments and have a non-greasy finish. Applying Derma Guard to protect the skin will not interfere with driving operations or hand grip. Derma Guard is the ultimate skin protection option for Road Transport workers, with bottle dispensers ranging from travel- to industrial-sized.