Hard Hat Goggle Guard
by Glove Guard

Our Hard Hat Goggle Guard easily attaches goggles, safety glasses, pens and more to your hard hat

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Industrial Lifestyle
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  • Secures goggles, safety glasses or sunglasses to hardhat
  • Fits front brim of most hard hats
  • Holds a variety of eyewear
  • Made of strong, durable plastic
  • Holds pens, pencils and carpenter pencils
  • Can be used with the Goggle Guard Accessory Kit to securely attach headlamps to your hard hat
  • Made in the US by the company that brought you the original Glove Clip – Glove Guard


The Hard Hat Goggle Guard products can be custom printed with your company’s name, logo or other information, in a variety of colours. Please contact us to discuss your options, and the minimum order required.


Part Number Colour/Description
HHGG Assorted
HHGG AK Goggle Guard™ Accessory Kit

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