Static LED Beacon
by ACOT500

The Static LED Beacon features a unique constant on operation – it doesn’t flash

Suited for:
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  • Hard mount without plug
  • Magnetic Base: with plug to suit standard automotive power outlet
  • Polycarbonate lens and base
  • PC Board is epoxy potted to increase lifespan and reflect maximum light
  • Current draw @ 12V: 0.7 Amps
  • Operating temperature: -20° to 85° C
  • Dimensions: H110mm x D129mm
  • Operating voltage: 12-24VDC
  • 6 high intensity LEDs

All LED Magenta lighting comes standard with Clear LEDs and a Magenta lens


Part Number Magnetic Part No Hard Mount Colour Operating Voltage Flash Pattern LED
ALC7006ABM ALC7006AB Amber 12-24 VDC Constant On 6
ALC7006RBM ALC7006RB Red 12-24 VDC Constant On 6
ALC7006GBM ALC7006GB Green 12-24 VDC Constant On 6
ALC7006CBM ALC7006CB Clear 12-24 VDC Constant On 6
ALC7006BBM ALC7006BB Blue 12-24 VDC Constant On 6
ALC7006MBM ALC7006MB Magenta 12-24 VDC Constant On 6