Discover Our Top PPE Products for Workers and Contractors in the Maritime Industry

PPE for Maritime Industry is integral in keeping the Australian Maritime Industry globally afloat, a sector crucial to our island nation. This broad sector employs thousands of workers who operate Australia’s shipping networks, ports, offshore rigs, tourism vessels, research vessels and facilities, fishing and aquaculture industries, emergency rescue services, and more. 

The demanding environments of the Maritime sector mean that PPE usage and hazard reduction in the workplace are daily concerns for everyone from deckhands to engineers and superintendents. Maritime PPE must be reliable, appropriately fitted, and well-made to protect workers, contractors, and apprentices. Here are our best VISIONSafe PPE items for the Maritime Industry.

The Convenience of Uncorded Foam Ear Plugs in the Maritime Industry

Hearing loss is an extremely dangerous hazard in the Maritime Industry due to the high noise levels on ships, offshore rigs, and ports. Workers in these environments are often subjected to constant background noise from machinery and sudden bursts of sound from equipment or routine operations. Given this level of exposure, it is no surprise that hearing damage is such a serious issue for those who work in Maritime.

Appropriately fitted hearing PPE for use in loud areas ensures workers can continue performing their vital roles without risking their hearing. Considering that workers in the Maritime Industry may have to work in tight spaces where earmuffs may feel cumbersome, the best solution to reduce the risk of accidental noise exposure is to provide high-quality Foam Earplugs as an in-ear protection option.

Our VISIONSafe Uncorded Foam Earplugs offer class 5 hearing protection and come in individually packaged pairs. These plugs provide grab-and-go convenience and the comfort of fitted foam technology for Maritime Industry workers. 


Stainless Steel Cylinder Restraints for Stowage in Maritime Industry Settings

Whether cylinders are stowed on board a vessel or stored in shipyards and workshops, they must be secured safely and correctly. Cylinders used in maritime workplaces range in size and shape depending on use, and may include gas cylinders, oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers, and large drums. 

In the Maritime Industry, most cylinders must be secured vertically with wall brackets in a well-ventilated area and strictly spaced according to their contents. The complexity of safe cylinder stowage requires a high-quality restraint system, which can span multiple areas of the vessel or shipyard. The Bottlechock Cylinder Restraint system is the perfect solution. 

Bottlechock restraints are made from water-resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, ideal for use in maritime environments. Bottlechock Restraints grip each cylinder with complete contact to prevent horizontal or vertical movement. 

Workers can snap cylinders into place with Bottlechock’s flexible pinch design, access valves as needed, and remove elevated cylinders easily – making lifting easier and safer. The Bottlechock Cylinder Restraint system is customisable, easy to install, and ensures safe stowage of cylinders in the workplace. 

Bottlechock Oxygen Acetylene

The Best Lightweight Grip Gloves for Lightwork in the Elements 

Maritime Industry workers are constantly exposed to the elements, which can take a toll on their hands. Whether working offshore or on land, Maritime Industry workers need to be equipped with the right PPE gear from trusted safety equipment suppliers to protect them from the elements and keep them safe. Light grip gloves are an essential part of that PPE. 

Lightweight grip gloves provide increased grip, protection, and dexterity, making it easier for workers to stay safe and productive. Grip gloves can also offer protection from cuts and scrapes, and their thin design makes them ideal for workers who are constantly on the move. 

The Gripguard Gloves by Guardsman are our top selling option for lightweight grip gloves. With their extra fingertip and palm grip for slippery surfaces, these gloves are perfect for the versatility Maritime Industry workers need. Gripguard Gloves are comfortable, adjustable and completely washable, and they are the best PPE solution for lightwork. 


PPE Eyewear Goggles to Protect Maritime Workers from Injury 

In the maritime industry, workers are constantly engaged in a variety of tasks that can potentially put their eyes at risk. Whether performing routine maintenance or standard operations, there are always potential hazards that could put workers’ eyes at risk. For these reasons, eyewear PPE, such as sturdy safety goggles, is vital for workers. 

Safety goggles protect against flying debris and splashes of hazardous materials to reduce the risk of eye irritation or injury. Many goggles also have anti-fog features to ensure enhanced clarity and visibility even in challenging conditions. PPE goggles are an essential tool for ensuring Maritime Industry workers’ safety and helping them work effectively. 

Our Garrison 363 Goggles are certified for medium impact protection for shard hazards and a protective seal against sweat and chemical splashes. The Garrison 363’s ergonomically designed frame is comfortable, fits prescription glasses, and features venting to maintain proper airflow. The anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses are ideal for the Maritime Industry environments where PPE must be durable for tough conditions. 


A Safe Utility Knife for Workers in Every Maritime Industry Environment

Workers in the Maritime industry know the importance of safe utility knives. These tools are used daily and are designed with an extra layer of protection to prevent accidents. Utility knives have a guard that covers the blade when not in use and a locking mechanism that prevents the blade from being extended when not needed. In the Maritime Industry, it is essential that utility knives are made from durable materials that resist corrosion and drop damage. 

This heavy-duty knife has a rigid die-cast metal body with inset rubber grips on both sides. Blades for the SKR100 are easily replaceable and can be set to either 15mm or 20mm cut depth, meaning workers can use the right cut for the job and reduce the risk of injury. 

VISIONSafe’s SKR100 Utility Knife is the ideal option for maritime environments.